Shipping Policy

Shipping and Delivery Policy

1) When a customer places an order, an email is sent to them by, which affirms the order set from the customer.

2) If there is an issue about the payment, such as non-completion of that payment, an email is delivered to the customer addressing precisely the same.

3) An order established is very likely to be discharged and sent when an order is set. When the delivery is supported at the rear end, the email is delivered to the client concerning the tracking amount of the purchase.

4) The order can be shipped to the home and the work address, whatever the customer favours. We only ship via international express mail (EMS or ITPS) from India.

5) The email may have all the shipping details in Addition to the deadline of when to expect the shipping. You can also monitor the order manually by email to us ([email protected]).

6) This sort of delivery asks for the purchaser’s signature at the time of their delivery. If the buyer isn’t available, a message has been delivered to the purchaser concerning the endeavour to send the package. T